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Climate Organizations
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Books on Climate Change and Advocacy
Organizing Guides
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Climate Organizations


Food and Water Watch – www.foodandwaterwatch.org

Friends of the Earth – www.foe.org

Sunrise Movement –,

Climate Justice Alliance

Center for Biological Diversity  www.biologicaldiversity.org

Indigenous Environmental Network

Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Green Education and Legal Fund – –
Project Drawdown

Climate Reality Project –

Citizens Climate Lobby –

Beyond Extreme Energy –

Extinction Rebellion –

African Climate Change Alliance –;

Asian Pacific Environmental Network –;

Beyond Plastics,,

Renewable Heat Now,

Beyond Extreme Energy –

Greenpeace –

Union of Concerned Scientists –

Evergreen Action –

Fridays for Future –

USCAN – US Climate Action Network has 190 climate groups –

Citizens Climate Lobby –

EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the U.S. –

Global Greens –

Global Alliance for a Green New deal –

People vs. Fossil Fuels –

Stop the Money Pipeline –

Third Act –

Stand Earth –

Climate Safe Pensions –

IEEFA – Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis –

CIEL  – Center for International Environmental Law –

Our Chidren’s Trust –

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change –

Other Resources

Media – End Climate Science

Covering Climate Now –

5 short videos on how climate change works –

Climate Change Resources,

Books on Climate Change and advocacy

Fight the Fire: Green New Deal and Global Climate Jobs by Jonathan Neale,  free download,

Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice In An Age Of Climate Crisis by Vandana Shiva

Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy

Shut it Down by Lisa Fithian

The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet by Michael E. Mann,

Falter: Has The Human Game Begun To Play Itself Out? by Bill McKibben, 2019

On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a New Deal by Naomi Klein, 2019.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein

A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal, by Kate Aronoff, Alyssa Battistoni, Daniel Aldana Cohen, and Thea Riofrancos (Verso Books 2019

Revolutionary Power: An Activist’s Guide to the Energy Transformation, by Shalanda Baker

Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land by Leah Penniman

How to Blow up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm

The Nutmeg’s Curse: Parables for a Planet in Peril by Amitav Ghosh

This is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the Twenty-First Century by Mark and Paul Engler

The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here by Hope Jahren

The Future Earth: A Radical Vision for What’s Possible in the Age of Global Warming, by Eric Holthaus (Harper One 2020

Laudato Si’: On Care For Our Common Home, by Pope Francis,

Victory Plan, Ezra Silk, The Climate Mobilization,

Ministry for the Future by Kim Staley Robinson

The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption, by Dahr Jamail

A People’s Green New Deal, by Max Ajl (Pluto Press); free:

The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift, by Brett Clark and John Bellamy Foster

The Earth Is Not for Sale: A Path Out of Fossil Capitalism to the Other World That is Still Possible, by Peter and David Schwartzman

Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe, by Michael Löwy

Creating an Ecological Society, by Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams

Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide, by Bill McGuire

Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism, by Kohei Saito

Stopping Oil: Climate Justice and Hope, by Sophie Bond, Amanda Thomas and Gradon Diprose (Pluto Books)

Burnt: Fighting for Climate Justice. by Chris Saltmarsh

Compilation of books, articles and research websites by covering climate news collaborative

Organizing Guides

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders by Si Kahn

350 Climate Resistance handbook,

Sierra Club Movement Organizing Manual,

Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals, Jonathan Matthew Smucker,

Action Network Organizing Guide, downloadable,

People’s Climate Movement organizing toolkit,

League of Women Voters’ Toolkit for climate organizing,

Climate Justice Alliance advocacy toolkit,

The Art of Campaign Planning; How to Design a Successful Campaign and Win, RE-AMP Organizing Hub,

Campaign Planning: A guide for Neighborhood Groups organizing to Clean Up and Prevent Pollution in their Communities,  Toxics Action Center,

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict, Maria J. Stephan and Erica Chenoweth,

Activist Handbook: How to Organize a Protest,

An Organizer’s Guide to Protest and Political Change, Dan Jasper,

Act Up: Civil Disobedience Training,

See index to all the chapters for Putting Out the Planetary Fire

Audio Broadcasts

Mark Dunlea is a news producer for the Below are links to 10-minute segments he has produced for them on topics in the book.

NYPIRG Update on All Electric Buildings, Climate Superfund – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  October 20, 2022

Banks Financing Fossil Fuels: Oct. 14 Climate Rally in Albany – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( October 14, 2022

Our Children Trust Sues US Government To Force Climate Action – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  October 10, 2022

Food And Water Watch Protests Manchin Climate Side Deal – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  September 22, 2022

NYPIRG Update On Climate Change Superfund Act – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  August 11, 2022

NY Public Power Update with Aaron Eisenberg – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  August 3, 2022

Albany Groups Urge Biden To Declare Climate Emergency (Part 1) – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  August 2, 2022

Mothers Out Front on Need for Indigenous Voices in Climate Plan – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( May 26, 2022

IPCC Issues “Code Red” in Climate Report – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  April 5, 2022

Mark Dunlea Asks Us to Embraces System Change, Not Climate Change – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  March 25, 2022

Global Climate Strike Fridays For Future March 25 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  March 24, 2022

Earth Justice Update on POW Cryptocurrency’s Climate Impact – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  March 23, 2022

Climate Groups Urge Biden to Issue Executive Orders to Halt Fossil Fuels – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  March 1, 2022

Climate Advocates Call To Ban Gas In New Buildings – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( January 12, 2022

Jamaica Miles Links Climate Justice Impact and Over Policing – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  November 8, 2021

The US, Climate Negotiations, and COP26 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  November 5, 2021

COP26 Global Action Day for Climate Justice in Albany, November 6 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  November 2, 2021

The New Coal: Plastics and Climate Change; a Report by Beyond Plastics – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  November 1, 2021

Howie Hawkins on Climate Action and the Green New Deal – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  September 20, 2021

Climate & Militarism, the Upcoming Kateri Peace Conf on Sept. 18 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  September 15, 2021

23rd annual Kateri Peace Conference Focused on Climate and Militarism – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( September 13, 2021

Sweeney TUED Why Renewable Energy Companies Not Climate Warriors – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( September 7, 2021

End Climate Silence Stop NY Times Fossil Fuel Ads – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( September 2, 2021

Meghan Brink on Climate and the Media – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  August 31, 2021

The Climate Impact Of Blue Hydrogen – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( August 19, 2021

August 6 NY Youth Climate Rally State Capitol – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( August 2, 2021

CIEL Oppose Money For Carbon Capture And Storage – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  July 22, 2021

David Swanson about Climate and the Military – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( April 20, 2021

Climate Agenda with Mark Jacobson – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( April 1, 2021

Hynes Talks Military And Climate – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( March 31, 2021

Daly Talks NY Renews: False Climate Solutions – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( March 1, 2021

Project Drawdown Climate 10′ (radio version) News 9-21-2020 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  September 21, 2020

Extinction Rebellion Roger Hallam XR 19 News 2 – 27 – 2019 – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( February 26, 2020

Divest NY Comptroller Decarbonizes 9’55 News 12-9-2020 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  December 10, 2020

CCL Carbon Tax Para 9’42 News 3-10-2020 – Sanctuary For Independent Media (  March 10, 2020

Prof. Sara Hsu Talks Carbon Tax with Mark – Sanctuary For Independent Media (   October 9, 2017

An event by the Media Sanctuary

EVENT VIDEO Direct Carbon Capture: False Climate Solution? – Sanctuary For Independent Media ( March 12, 2022; (one hour 17 minutes)