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  1. Heard Mark today (Wed 5/6/15) on 90.7 FM, At Issue. Thanks Mark.

    Would like to discuss possible interested party for donation of some of my energy library, gathered over decades of clean energy advocacy and professional work in solar and efficiency upgrades in buildings. I am newly arrived in upstate NY and working on a two hundred year old home in semi-retirement. However, after much activity with clean energy advocacy, most recently in Connecticut, I would like to assist such efforts in NY.

  2. endorsed GELF several weeks ago and sent in a contribution and we’re not on the list. We are made up of many top NY State poets and many of us also belong to other environmental groups as well, e.g. 350nyc and Sierra Club, NRDC, etc. Why isn’t on the list, please? We are not-for-profit and completely volunteer? Mark Dunlea said he received our endorsement, but we’re not on the list, but I am on GELF’s mailings. (I should have put this comment on Contact instead of on comments under endorsing groups. Please do not put it up there, but simply answer. It’s actually a query more than a comment.

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