Agenda for NYS Assembly Climate Change Task Force

  1. Pass legislation (A7497 / S5527) to amend the State Energy Plan to set an official state goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030, with no nukes, fossil fuels or natural gas (net zero carbon emissions). Mandate a state plan to accomplish such goal, with incremental timelines of no more than 5 years with benchmarks and regular revisions. Require local governments to enact similar plans. Require state agency actions to comply with plan. Give citizens the right to sue to enforce. Significantly increase goals for efficiency and conservation. Provide funding in the state budget for a detailed plan on how to move to 100% renewables ASAP. The state’s goal should be to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees centigrade (not 2 degrees).
  2. Make Polluters Pay. Enact a state carbon / greenhouse gas tax, (A8372 / S 6037) starting at $35 a ton, with an annual increase of $15 a ton. 60% of revenues rebated to low and moderate income consumers. Rest invested in renewable energy, mass transit, climate adaptation and infrastructure.
  3. Divest (A8011 / S5873) the state pension fund from fossil fuels. Immediately half all such investment, Divest immediately from coal. Study have to divest from rest within 5 years.
  4. Support the development of Off-shore wind off of Long Island / NYC and the Great Lakes. Support a state PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) carve out of at least 5,000 WM for OSW by 2025 and 10,000 MW by 2030 (by legislation or in the PSC’s LSR (Large Scale Renewable)). Pass Feed in Tariff Legislation. Ensure that the successor to the RPS has more detailed and stronger renewable and energy efficiency mandates for all utilities, including LIPA
  5. Significantly increase state funding for MTA and mass transit statewide in state budget above what was agreed to by the Governor and NYC Mayor.
  6. 6. Say no to Natural gas and other fossil fuels. Tell Cuomo to veto Pt. Ambrose LNG. Stop investment in fossil fuels and infrastructure (pipelines, coal and other fossil fuel plant, compressor stations, storage). Shut down rather than bail out the state’s nuclear power plants.
  7. Fix the Green Jobs Green NY program to achieve its stated goal of retrofitting NY homes.
  8. Mandate that all government buildings in NYS be solarized and/or energy retrofitted statewide.
  9. Pass legislation enabling all communities to implement Community Choice Aggregation. Include commercial and industrial companies in the program (allowing for opt outs). Make renewable energy the default option. 2.0 model.
  10. Provide funding in state budget to build electric charging stations for vehicles statewide.
  11. Require the NY Power Authority to establish programs to provide the upfront financing to solarize every home in NYS where it is feasible. No credit check. NYPA should also provide financing for shared community renewable projects. NYPA recovers the funds from lower electric costs.
  12. Make the PSC’s REV Real – Renewable, Equitable, Accountable, and Local. Include intervenor funds in state budget to enable low and moderate income community and environmental justice groups to participate in REV.
  13. Ensure a Just Transition and Energy Democracy. 40% of various climate change funds (e.g., Clean Energy Fund) should be directed to (controlled by) communities suffering the highest energy and pollution burdens. Utilities should be required to procure a percentage of local / community owned energy programs in their territories. Create real local jobs, especially for disadvantaged workers. Guarantee living wage jobs for any worker that is displaced from fossil fuel industry.

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