Update Nov 4 2015

100% Renewables Now NYS
Update – Nov. 4, 2015


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Veto Pt. Ambrose Sign on Letter – Urgent
Volunteer for 100% Renewables Now – Social Media, Local Organizing, Wind, Legislative
Cuomo Should Commit to Off-shore wind when he Vetos Pt. Ambrose
Round 2 of REV Hearings
100% Renewables Now – NYC Forum Nov. 19
Sample Resolution(s) for Local Government to Support 100% Renew Energy 2030 state level, local

Cuomo can veto Pt. Ambrose LNG starting Nov. 6 – deadline is Dec. 21 – Tell Him to Support Wind

It is time to tell Gov Cuomo to veto Pt. Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas Facility and say yes to off-shore wind. Contact Cuomo (toll free 866-961-0200 or 518 474-8390. @NYGovCuomo.

Groups opposed to Pt. Ambrose will send a letter to Gov. Cuomo on Thursday urging him to veto Pt. Ambrose on the first day (Nov. 6). A copy of the letter is attached. Letter is from the No LNG coalition. Respond to Jessica Roff.   jessica@catskillmountainkeeper.org

We would love Gov. Cuomo to announce a formal commitment to off-shore wind at the same time he vetoes Pt. Ambrose. The easiest way would be to commit to a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for wind. We want 5,000 MW of off shore wind power by 2025 and 10,000 by 2030. A blog post from NRDC on the topic.

The federal government recently said that developing off-shore wind off of Long Island was their number one priority. The feds recently gave NYS $600k to coordinate work to develop off-shore wind with other northeasatern states. 275 groups recently sent a letter to President Obama urging more action on off-shore wind. While NYS is publicly supportive of off-shore wind, recent OSW projects have been blocked and Cuomo’s staff worry that it is still too expensive. Yet their own reports show that a major project would be the best way to lower costs.

On Thursday Nov. 12 at 5:30 PM, there will be a protest outside of yet another Cuomo fundraiser – this time at the Harvard Club. 36 West 44th St., NY.


Volunteer for the 100% Renewables Now NY Campaign

 The Campaign is setting up working groups to better coordinate our work. The groups are web / social media; building renewables support locally; legislative; and off-shore wind. Please let dunleamark@aol.com now if you would like to volunteer.


Round 2 of REV Hearings

 The Public Service Commission has announced a second round of public hearings re REV. Most comments will be on track 2 (which includes carbon pricing). The REV Track 2 Staff White Paper focuses mostly on proposed changes in utility regulations and electricity rates. But officially you can speak to the overall REV (e.g., need for a large commitment to off-shore wind, higher goals for renewable energy), Buffalo will be Nov. 4; Rochester Nov. 5; Kingston Nov. 12. Binghamton Nov. 17. Syracuse Nov. 18.

A copy of the testimony from GELG / 100% Renewables Now NY is here.

Make REV R.E.A.L! Renewable, Equitable, Accountable and Local (from Energy Democracy Alliance)

For more than a year, the Public Service Commission and Governor Cuomo have been engaged in rule-making and major regulatory changes they say are aimed at moving New York toward a cleaner, more affordable, and more resilient energy system. The REV process could lead to dramatic increases in renewables and energy efficiency, open the door for greater local ownership and control over our energy resources, and empower New Yorkers to participate in reducing their environmental footprint and their energy bills. But this is not a guaranteed outcome. Utility companies and other for-profit companies are participating heavily in the process, and policy makers are pushing market-driven changes over public funding and regulations. There are major concerns among public interest advocates that REV will reduce spending on clean energy, create extra risks for consumers, and increase utility control over our energy system.


PCM NY Forum on 100% Clean Energy by 2030 – Nov. 19.

The People’s Climate Movement NY is holding a forum on how to get NYC to 100% clean energy by 2030. The event will be at the Transport Workers Union, 195 Montague St., Brooklyn. Doors open at 6, event starts at 6:30.

The first panel will discuss how to get to 100% clean energy. The second panel will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in getting therm. Speakers include Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food and Water Watch; Mark Dunlea, 100% Renewable Now NYS Campaign, GELF / 100% Renewables Now NY; Kassie Rohrbach, Senior Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace US; Peggy Shephard WEACT, Leslie Cagan, and More.

RSVP here. Limited seating.

As part of the international day of action before Paris, the 100% Renewables Campaign will speak at a forum in Albany at Sat. Nov. 28 at 3 PM at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 85 Chestnut St.


Urge Your Local Government to Support 100% Renewable Energy

We want local governments in NYS both to pass resolutions urging the state to go to 100% renewable energy by 2030, but also to adopt the 100% renewables as their own community-wide goal. Check out our webpage for some models (including the Town of East Hampton on Long Island)

Below is a model resolution that we are developing (at the end we have a statement re adoption of a local goal). Input appreciated.

Sample Resolution for Local Governments to Support 100% renewable energy


Whereas, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that if the world hopes to avert catastrophic global warming, the next 15 years are critical to achieve sizeable reductions in carbon emissions.

Whereas, In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, we must reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere down to 350 ppm, and we must ensure that 80% of the world’s existing fossil fuel resources are not converted to greenhouse gas emissions,

Whereas, Transitioning to 100% renewable energy (including energy conservation) by 2030 in New York State would create more than 4 million (nearly 300,000 40-year job equivalents) during the build out) and an estimated 58,000 permanent jobs, while reducing electric rates by more than 50% compared to continued reliance upon fossil fuel and nuclear power.

Whereas, Going to 100% clean renewable energy for all sources in NYS would avoid 3,140 annual deaths from air pollution while reducing health care costs by more than $30 billion annually.

Whereas, studies have demonstrated the feasibility of reaching this transition’s goal.

And Whereas, Any transition to a clean energy future must be a Just Transition, embracing energy democracy, with equity for those most impacted by climate change, and ensuring jobs and training for any workers displaced by such a transition,

Be it therefore resolved that we support having New York transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Be it further resolved that we recommend that the State legislature enact A7497 / S5527 to make such goal the official state policy through the state energy master plan

Be if further resolved that (name of local government) adopts a goal of meeting 100% of its community-wide energy needs within the by 100% by clean, renewable energy.