August 31 2015 Update

Campaign for 100% Clean Energy in NYS by 2030
Update – Aug. 31, 2015


  1. Carbon Tax Bill introduced – Sept. 24 conference
    2. 350 new campaign kickoff Sept 10
    3. Call Gov. Cuomo TODAY to Stop Constitution Pipeline
    4. Days of Action around Climate Change
    5. Sept. 10th deadline to respond to NYC Inquiry on renewables
  2. Sept. 16 – Assembly Hearing on Renewables

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  1. Carbon Tax Bill introduced – Sept. 24 conference

A state carbon tax bill (A8372 Cahill / S6037 Parker) has been introduced this Sept. If you want to be listed as an endorser, please send us your name, organization you represent, and contact information (especially email). Or fill out this FORM.

A carbon tax is an “upstream” tax on the carbon contents of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and biofuels. A carbon tax should also seek to include other greenhouse gas emissions such as from methane. The draft bill proposes that 60% of the funds be refunded to low and moderate income people.  Other funds will be used to prepare for climate change, invest in renewable energy, and build transportation infrastructure.  The tax starts at $35 a ton, and then increases $15 a year up to $185 a ton.


POLITICO New York’s Scott Waldman: A proposed new bill could bring a new form of gas tax to New York, in an effort to push consumers to cut carbon emissions. A bill sponsored by two Democratic lawmakers, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill of Dutchess County and Sen. Kevin Parker of Brooklyn, would increase fees on fossil fuels — including coal, natural gas, petroleum products, renewable biomass and anything else that emits carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide or other greenhouse gases when combusted. The measure is structured to influence consumer behavior to reduce fossil fuel use, Cahill said.

Environmental Advocacy + Carbon Tax; Saturday, September 26; 9-4 pm; Lecture Center 102; SUNY New Paltz


Join us as long-time New York based environmental advocates discuss their experience with speaking up for a better planet.  Special attention will be given to a proposed carbon tax for New York State, which would charge polluters for carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere. A light breakfast and lunch will be served.  All are welcome to join.



9-9:30              Pastries and Coffee Served

9:30-10            Sara Hsu, Welcome + Introduction (Carbon Tax for NYS)

10-10:30          Steve Breyman, Environmental Policy and the Carbon Tax

10:30-11          Mark Dunlea, Environmental Advocacy and a Carbon Tax

11-11:30          Janette Barth, Lessons from the Fracking Campaign for a Carbon Tax

11:30-12          Charles Komanoff, Carbon Taxes around the World

12-1                 Lunch

1-4                   Discussion: The Right Components of a New York State Carbon Tax


  1. 350 Kicks off Keep in the Ground Campaign in Sept. 10 – Livestreaming from BAM

On Thursday Sept 10th. Join Bill McKibben (, Naomi Klein (This Changes Everything), Reverend Lennox Yearwood (Hip Hop Caucus), Eddie Bautista (NY Environmental Justice Alliance), Cynthia Ong (LEAP – Borneo) and other social movement leaders from across the Globe in discussing where the climate movement has come in the wake of the historic People’s Climate March, and where we must go in 2015 and beyond. Tickets here. At BAM in Brooklyn. The event will focus on building to the December meeting in Paris.

Another new campaign from 350 is Divest the Vatican.


  1. Call Gov. Cuomo TODAY to Stop Constitution Pipeline

Take part in the statewide CALL IN DAY to Governor Cuomo! This week, Sane Energy Project is leading Monday’s call in day. JOIN US: Flex your democracy muscles and tell Governor Cuomo to STOP the Constitution Pipeline, and that the DEC should not issue the 401 Water Quality Certificate. 877-235-6537 To further support the towns and communities fighting the Constitution Pipeline, visit our friends at


4. Days of Action Around Climate Change


The list below is compiled for NYC but similar support actions are being organized nationwide


Sept. 21st – 1 year anniversary of the People’s Climate March

– Sept. 24th  – rally in Washington, DC the day the Pope speaks to Congress

– Sept. 24th – two events at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, NYC on eve of the Pope’s UN visit

– OCT. 14TH – Actions as part of the National Day of Climate Action

– Nov 19 – NYC, TWU Brooklyn – Forum on 100% clean energy

– Nov. 28 or 29th – possible action as part of Global Day of Solidarity with actions in Paris

– Dec. 12th – possible action as part of Global Day of Solidarity with actions in Paris


5. Comments to NYC re Off-Shore Wind, 100% Renewables due on Sept. 10


NYC has issued a Request for Information re going to 100% new renewables for their own electricity – about $600 million a year. Off-shore wind advocates are preparing a sign on letter (and a sample message) that groups can submit; we will distribute once available. Comments are due Sept. 10th. They should be submitted to


6. Assembly Energy Hearing on Renewables on Sept. 16 in NYC


Assembly Energy Hearing committee will hold hearing in NYC on Tuesday Sept. 16. In April, NYSERDA announced that it would seek permission from the PSC to administer its renewable energy programs through a proposed Clean Energy Fund (CEF). Under this plan, NYSERDA proposes a system of awarding contracts of up to 20 years for qualified large-scale projects. The committee seeks to understand the impact of a new procurement model on the state’s renewable energy industry and ratepayers.